Box pallets – Pallet containers

We produce custom-made plastic boxpallets, pallet containers, crates and big boxes. We use durable polypropylene plates and elements made of other plastics to construct transport pallet containers. Plastic pallet boxes are a very frequently used type of transport packaging in industrial production, logistics and supply chains.

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Plastic pallet boxes, economical design

Like most of our specialization, we design and manufacture pallet containers based on chamber polypropylene. The properties of pp cellular boards and the ease of their processing and shaping give us extensive opportunities to produce advanced packaging that meets the most stringent requirements.

Box pallets, the walls of which are made of appropriately selected PP cardboard, are low in weight and at the same time high in strength and stiffness.

We produce pp box pallets in open and closed versions, in unified dimensional variants. Durable PE plastic pallets are used as the base.

The economics of the structure include several key features. Pallet containers – PP plastic containers are cheaper than plastic containers produced by injection or metal containers. PP pallet containers are lighter, which makes them easier and cheaper to transport and store. They are also reusable packaging that can be completely recycled.

Are you looking for economical transport packaging? We ensure the highest quality, speed of implementation and competitive offer conditions.

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