Transport boxes

The plastic transport boxes we offer are optimal, reusable packaging, widely used in storage, transport and supply chains. We specialize in transport boxes made of polypropylene multi-layer boards, also called danpla box. The advantages of cellular polypropylene boxes are lightness, high durability, optimal protection of transported products, low price and a number of other benefits.

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Opakowania specjalne - DANPLA

Transport boxes designed for efficient work

To produce shipping boxes, we use a variety of plastics suitable for the required use of the boxes. We can equip transport boxes with a number of improvements, such as a mesh insert or spacers for separating individual products inside, reinforcements for stacking, closing or a cover. It is possible to put a print, markings, space for labels, etc. on the transport box. PP transport boxes can be produced in various colors and sizes. Larger-sized boxes include plastic pallet boxes, pallet containers with walls made of chamber boards, a plastic pallet base and a possible cover.

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