Component packaging

We produce transport packaging for components mainly using polypropylene chamber plates. Industrial transport packaging made of polypropylene is a popular solution for storing and transporting various types of components. We make crates, boxes and containers for components in various shapes and sizes to meet various industry requirements. We invite you to cooperate.

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Polypropylene packaging for components

Examples of the use of polypropylene packaging for components include:

  • For the automotive industry, transport and storage of all car components, parts, equipment, semi-finished products, etc.
  • For the electronics industry, transport and storage of elements and components used in the production of consumer electronics and household appliances.
  • In the chemical industry, transport and storage of products such as paints, varnishes and cleaning agents.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, full-scale transport and storage of semi-finished products and finished products.
  • For the food industry, transport and storage of fruit, vegetables and ready-made food products.

Thanks to their durability and resistance to damage, polypropylene packaging is reusable, which is an economical and pro-ecological solution. The closed circulation of component packaging prevents the generation and accumulation of packaging waste.

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