Packaging for the automotive industry

We specialize in the design and production of packaging for the automotive industry. Plastic transport packaging is used in the broadly understood automotive industry. We supply economical and durable containers, boxes, pallet boxes and packaging made mainly of high-quality PP polypropylene chamber plates. Packaging is used to transport parts, components, semi-finished products and finished products in supply chains, intralogistics and inter-operational transport.

Automotive packaging – types

Based on years of experience in the automotive packaging industry, we are able to prepare transport packaging for every customer need. Popular packaging solutions include:

  • plastic pallets, pallet containers, big boxes,
  • danpla box transport boxes, universal returnable boxes,
  • stacked boxes, stacked containers, transport and storage boxes,
  • packaging grids, packaging grids, packaging grid inserts,
  • reusable packaging,
  • ESD packaging, with antistatic protection,
  • sewn inserts and textile packaging,
  • transport dividers, packaging dividers,
  • special packaging, specialized custom-made packaging, transport packaging for the automotive industry for special needs, packaging for automation, transport containers for factories and assembly plants.

Automotive packaging – sample projects:

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